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[calc id=3671] Our Mortgage Calculator is very easy to use. Simply input the purchase price of the home. Next, enter into the mortgage calculator the percent that you are putting down on the home (this can be calculated by dividing down payment by purchase price). If you are refinancing, divide current payoff/current value and subtract from 100. Loan term is in years and standard loan terms are 15 and 30.  Next, input the interest rate – accurate rates can be obtained by clicking the ‘get rates’ button below. Taxes must be input as a percentage of the purchase price, or millage. Tax Rates range from 1.5 to 1.9 in the Ocala area. You can find out the exact millage for the area you are interested on the Marion County Property Appraiser website Tax Estimator.  Finally, input the amount of taxes you expect to pay each year. Most insurance agents will be happy to provide an estimate for you.

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