Ocala Mortgage Consultants

In today's mortgage landscape, there are plenty of mortgage lenders in Ocala that will be happy to take your application, send it to their processing center, and hope that it closes on time. It doesn't take much training or experience to fill out an application and gather a few documents.  That's where we are different - we are mortgage consultants who help you plan the purchase or refinance of what is probably your largest asset.   Meet our mortgage consulting team...

Not your ordinary mortgage lenders...

Unlike ordinary mortgage lenders, our mortgage consultants are committed to helping you make well-informed mortgage financing decisions.  We will help you evaluate personal goals to determine if they are practical and achievable, and advise you regarding the various loan products available. Our job as mortgage consultants is to help you integrate the correct mortgage loan into your overall long and short-term investment strategies.

When was the last time your mortgage lender said, "Not only can I help you with a mortgage so you can purchase a home, but let me show you how the advantages of home ownership can help you eliminate debt, become more financially stable, and help secure your future"? That's how Landmark Mortgage Planners are different.  As our name implies - we are more like mortgage consultants or planners, but we don't cost any more than other mortgage lenders in Ocala.

Not your ordinary mortgage processing...

Many of the mortgage lenders and mortgage brokers in Ocala will send your application to a processing center in another state where it becomes very difficult to communicate and get your loan done. Our processing staff, is not only right here in the same building as our mortgage consultants, but Landmark has the very best processors in town. We are frequently complimented by customers and underwriters alike, for the proficiency and attention to detail on our files.

The Mortgage Planning Difference

Our number one goal is to enable our clients to achieve their Freedom Point quickly.  That's the point where your assets are greater than debts.  We do this by creating a personalized mortgage plan complete with financial resources, strategies, tools, and software.  This plan will help you eliminate unnecessary, non-preferred debt, increase safety, liquidity, and your overall rate of return, while decreasing your interest expense and tax exposure by using proven strategic equity concepts. Whether this sounds way too complicated or right up your alley, our mortgage consultants will help devise a plan custom-made just for you.

Rob Ziebart, CMPS
Branch Manager

Direct: (352) 875-6907
License: NMLS #305375

After originating home loans for eight years, Rob launched his own mortgage company, Landmark Mortgage Planners in 2007. Read More…

Fritz Reichardt
Branch Manager

Direct: (352) 359-4681
License: NMLS #463503

Fritz has been in the financial industry for over 10 years. He enjoys going over all of his clients mortgage options that best fit their needs. Read More…

Eric Remy
Sales Manager

Direct: (352) 283-9680
Licensed Loan Officer NMLS #228074

Eric joined the Landmark team as our new Sales Manager after 17 years building a solid mortgage business in and around Gainesville…… Read More

Greg Godin, CMPS
Mortgage Loan Originator

Direct: (352) 512-1517
License: NMLS #1173496

I started originating mortgages back in 2001, following in my father’s footsteps. Read More…

Adam Holt
Operations Manager

Direct: (352) 261-5753
Office: (352) 329-3539

Adam graduated from the University of Florida in 2005 and started working in the mortgage industry that year as a loan originator.  Read More…

Sue Albritton
Mortgage Loan Originator

Direct: (352) 681-7281
License: NMLS #350120

Sue brings 18 years of loan originating experience with her, with awards for producing in the top 10% in the country. Read More...

Sharon Hermanns
Mortgage Processor

Direct: (352) 505-1977
Office: (352) 329-3379

Sharon has been in the mortgage industry for over thirty years. She started her career with Sears Mortgage 1985. Read More…

Nina Rowan
Mortgage Loan Originator

Direct: (386) 438-3781
License: NMLS #1053744

Nina has been working in the financial services industry for over 8 years. Read more…

James Abrams
Mortgage Processor

Direct: (352)329-3741

James has been working in the financial industry since 2008 and started in mortgages in 2010. Read more…

Kelly Chatigny
Mortgage Loan Partner

Office: (352)304-5700

With nearly 30 years of mortgage processing and underwriting experience, Kelly is a great addition to the Landmark team. She works as a loan officer assistant to Greg Godin … Read More

Keisha K. Durand
Mortgage Loan Originator

Direct: (727)644-7301
License: NMLS #972729

Keisha has held several positions within the mortgage industry as a loan originator, loan processor, real estate closer and underwriter… Read More

Cassie Gallagher
Loan Originator Partner

Office: (352)505-5040

Cassie has been in the financial industry for 12 years. Cassie joined Landmark in November 2020 as Sue Albritton’s loan officer assistant… Read More

David Drozdowski
Mortgage Loan Originator

Direct: (352)895-4799
License: NMLS #504022

David Drozdowski started his career in mortgage lending in 2006. He has worked for both small and large lending institutions and has found Landmark Mortgage Planners to be the best fit for his customers… Read More

Maggie Swanbeck
Mortgage Processor

Direct: (352) 663-9951
Office: (352) 505-5040

Maggie started at Landmark Mortgage Planners in February of 2021 but has been working in the financial services industry for 3 years. Read More…

Kayli Jenkins
Mortgage Processor

Direct: (352) 663-9755
Office: (352) 505-5040

Kayli has been in the financial industry for 7 years. Kayli joined Landmark in November 2021. Read More…

Jordan Hickey
Mortgage Processor

Direct: (352) 663-9766
Office: (352)505-5040

Jordan has been in the finance industry for over 10 years. She has a background in insurance sales and consumer underwriting. Read more…

Robin Rhodes
Mortgage Processor

Direct: (352) 663-9792
Office: (352) 304-5700

Robin has graduated from the College of Central Florida in 2021 and has started working in the mortgage industry this year as a loan processor. Read more…

Karl Graber
Mortgage Loan Assistant

Direct: (352) 663-9952
Office: (352) 304-5700

As a Loan Officer Assistant to Greg Godin, I am exposed to over 20 years of industry knowledge and experience, which allows me to accurately assist our clients in their journey through the mortgage process. Read more…

Carolyna Addyla
Mortgage Loan Originator

Direct: (813)409-7493
License: NMLS #1824406

Carolyna Addyla is a Mortgage Loan Originator based in the Tampa Bay Area who is admired by colleagues and clients alike for her integrity, loyalty, and professionalism. Read More

Luke Sparks
Mortgage Loan Originator

Direct: (386)269-4687
License: NMLS #1954135

Having been a real estate agent for many years, Luke has a keen understanding of what is involved in working with realtors and their clients to make deals happen… Read More

Josh Abramowitz
Mortgage Loan Originator

Direct (561) 504-2777
License: NMLS #2258918

Josh joined Landmark Mortgage Planners in 2021. An alumnus of the University of Florida, he appreciates helping others realize their dreams of homeownership… Read More

Fabian D Gomez
Mortgage Loan Originator

Direct: (352) 663-9947
License: NMLS #2129760

My passion for originating loans can be traced back to my pre- professional days. Whether as a TA for the School of Religion at Southeastern University, or… Read More

Amanda Moore
Mortgage Loan Originator

Direct: (904) 400-1003
License: NMLS #531664

Amanda Moore is a MLO in our Lake City office. She has extensive experience in lending including consumer and mortgage lending… Read More

Jon Valentine
Mortgage Loan Originator

Direct: (352) 213-0462
License: NMLS #2080990

With more than 10 years of experience in consumer lending, Jon has the skills and expertise to meet all his client’s borrowing needs…. Read More

Laura Heard
Mortgage Loan Originator

Direct: (214) 676-7007
License: NMLS #2227621

Laura Heard joined Landmark Mortgage Planners in 2021 and is based in Atlanta, GA….. Read More

Jamie Bryant
Executive Assistant/Marketing Coordinator

Direct: (352) 304-5700

Jamie brings a creative and out of the box way of thinking to the table. Her thoroughness and attention to detail helps maintain the smoothness of daily operations…… Read More

John Oyola
Mortgage Loan Originator

Direct: (910) 500-2122
License: NMLS #2314634

John Oyola has been in the consumer finance and insurance industry since 2005, and now he has decided to bring that experience to the mortgage industry by joining Landmark… Read More

Ashley Morgan
Mortgage Loan Originator

Direct: (352) 208-3445
License: NMLS #2324171

Ashley joins the Landmark Mortgage Planners team after working in the education and construction industry overseeing budgets and financing for clients… Read More

Yolanda Wormely
Mortgage Loan Originator

Direct: (937) 838-7323
License: NMLS #802562

Yolanda is an energetic loan originator serving Lake City, Jacksonville, and surrounding counties for over 8 years…. Read More