Our Mortgage Calculator is very easy to use. Simply input the purchase price of the home. Next, enter into the mortgage calculator the percent that you are putting down on the home (this can be calculated by dividing downpayment by purchase price). If you are refinancing, divide current payoff/current value). Loan term is in years and standard loan terms are 15 and 30. You can use this mortgage calculator to find out how much you need to pay to pay off your loan in fewer years as well. Next, input the total annual taxes into the mortgage calculator. The Get Rates with reflectmortgage calculator apply nowwill figure the monthly amount. Next, if the home has association fees input those. Finally, along the bottom of the graph you can adjust the rate. Please keep in mind that  this is an estimate and changes in insurance, taxes, or rate can affect payment. If you like this mortgage calculator please consider sharing on Google Plus or liking on Facebook.  Thank you.